• Advanced Kingdom Leadership

    72 Lessons
    • Kingdom Leadership Foundations eCourse - $99.00

    Select a lesson to begin the course. In the Advanced Kingdom Leadership eCourse, you will learn how to lead in organizations in a way that is supernatural, biblical, and practical. Whether you are a pastor, business person, parent, or student, you are called to grow in organizational leadership in whatever place of influence you are […]

  • Kingdom Leadership Foundations eCourse

    48 Lessons
    • Kingdom Leadership Foundations eCourse - $99.00
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    Select a lesson to begin the course In Kingdom Leadership Foundations you will learn how to lead yourself and others in a more excellent way. It does not matter if you are a pastor, business person, politician, or baby-sitter. Every follower of Jesus Christ is called to be a leader! It is essential that every […]

  • Stakeholder Challenge MasterClass

    5 Lessonsin

    As the tribes of Israel began to gather around David to ordain him the King of Israel, the scripture focuses on a particular tribe: the sons of Issachar, who had understanding of the times, and knew what Israel ought to do (1 Chron. 12:32) We believe we are in a similar moment of history and […]

  • Transformed to Transform MasterClass

    4 Lessonsin

    We live in a great season of challenge and opportunity! The Body of Christ has been empowered by God to provide solutions in this crazy time. But sadly, the church has been marginalized and pushed to the perimeter of influence while other perspectives and influences have become mainstream. It’s time for the people of God […]

  • Maximizing Leadership Masterclass

    5 Lessonsin

    Introducing Leaders Alliance Most of you are aware of the children’s story called the emperor’s new clothes. Unfortunately, whether we like to admit it or not, this parable is being played out before our eyes in current culture. The church of Jesus Christ is so excited about all of our achievements: our great worship services, our powerful […]

  • Apostolic Voices MasterClass

    5 Lessonsin

    We are living in a season of extreme crisis AND opportunity. The Church of Jesus Christ holds the answers to many of the challenges we are facing but the church is struggling to bring the influence and impact that God has ordained because we are functioning on the wrong foundation. Ephesians 2:20 clearly states that […]

  • Leading BUSY People Challenge

    TOPICS: The secret to MOTIVATING people. How to deal with, “I’M TOO BUSY PASTOR!” A simple model for developing people into SPIRITUAL MATURITY and raising up LEADERS. GAIN KEYS TO : Leading proactively rather than reactively. Developing a healthy church that grows. Multiplying your volunteers. How to make pastoring joyful and NOT burn you out.

  • Destiny Finder COACH Certification Basic Training

    0 Lessons

  • PC COACH Certification Basic Training

    0 Lessons

  • Church Planting MasterClass

    3 Lessonsin

    Research shows that one of the most effective and powerful ways to extend God’s Kingdom is by planting new churches. More souls are saved, more disciples are made, more leaders are mobilized and more impact is measured than in older churches (on a per-capita basis). In this masterclass we will be connecting with a variety […]

  • Marketplace Voices MasterClass

    5 Lessonsin

    Forging the Partnership between Church and the City March 3 – March 31 One of the most exciting trends in the Body of Christ is the growing understanding of the importance of Marketplace Ministry. Every believer is called to full time ministry but only about 2% will ever make their living behind a pulpit. The […]


    3 Lessonsin

    Pastoral ministry is already one of the most challenging ministries on earth! But add a global pandemic and an economy-killing lockdown and it can push you into pastoral crisis and burnout. Thankfully, help is on the way. This Pastoral Voices MasterClass, will draw from the wisdom of four senior pastor couples, from the Catch The […]

  • Apostolic Discipleship Challenge - January 2021

    Three 60-90 min. sessions on how to disciple effectively that produces disciples who multiply, and how to implement a culture of discipleship in your church small groups and departments.


    3 Lessonsin

    John and Carol are the founding leaders of the Catch the Fire Movement that began with an extraordinary outpouring of the Holy Spirit in a church in Toronto Canada in 1994 that became known as the "Toronto Blessing."

  • Apostolic Coaching and Mentoring MASTERCLASS

    3 Lessonsin

    In this MasterClass we will presenting keys to breakthrough that is found through effective coaching and mentoring.

  • Strategic Planning MASTERCLASS

    3 Lessonsin

    In this MasterClass we will help you to build an approach to ministry that is both supernatural and super-practical.

  • Breaking 200 Challenge - September 2020

    Course Downloads: Powerpoint Notes for All Sessions Bonus Downloads: Church Health and Growth Flow Chart (Quality to Quantity) Staff Hiring Qualifications Checklist 10 Keys to Create a Dynamic Church Culture eBook

  • Trigger Topics Masterclass

    3 Lessonsin

    Pastoring in 2020 is filled with crazy challenges: Mask or no-mask? Trump or Biden? Racism or anti-Racism? Socialism or Capitalism? And the list goes on… So what do we do? Hide our heads in the biblical sand?

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  • Covid Relaunch Masterclass

    4 Lessonsin

    The COVID Crisis has been with us now for over six months. We have moved from “Flatten the Curve” to partial reopening to a second shut-down. Now there are some churches that are allowed limited meetings and some that are violating government restrictions to meet freely. How do we navigate this season?

  • Breaking 70 Challenge | August 2020

    Breaking 70 Challenge is a 5-day live online experience in which you will learn the keys to growing your church in Quality AND Quantity and breaking the 70-person barrier– Regardless of your church size and situation…

  • Small Group Leader Training MasterClass

    4 Lessonsin

    The basic building block of the Body of Christ throughout history is the small group. They are perhaps even more important than the large group/Sunday service meeting. This MasterClass is designed to help you and your small group leaders develop and lead dynamic groups that foster destiny discovery, caring community, discipleship and leadership development while […]

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  • Apostolic Strategies MasterClass

    4 Lessonsin ,

    God is doing a deep work in the Body of Christ in this season, to prepare His people to step into a new great awakening and a billion-soul harvest. One of most important steps in this preparation process is the restoration of apostolic leadership back to the Church.

  • Beyond the Church MasterClass

    4 Lessonsin

    Over the last few decades there has been a growing revelation of the importance of “Marketplace Ministry”. At Pastors Coach, we firmly believe that every believer is a full-time minister but only 2% will ever make an income from behind a pulpit. The remaining 98% will make their living as a doctor, teacher, construction worker […]

  • Small Group Leader Training Workshop

    1 Lessonin

    Two-hour workshop training on launching and leading small groups that develop disciples and leaders and multiply! Includes Biblical basis, formats, leader job descriptions, outreach by groups and more.