Vision Day

August 31st @ 9am Pacific

Come and hear from The Brodeurs. 

On August 31, we will have a special Vision Day in which we will announce our shift into PHASE 2 of Leaders Alliance: from “Connection” to “Collaboration”. In this new phase of our movement, we will bring a more practical emphasis to our Three-Fold Vision:

– Every member functioning as a level-10 leader according their God-given destiny.

–  Every member connecting and collaborating with others for Kingdom impact.

– Every Church equipped and empowered to transform people and cities for Christ.

Michael and Diane will be casting vision for the next year and presenting some pivotal changes in our structure and format so we can be more effective in fulfilling this Three-Fold Vision. We are so excited about this opportunity to be with you as we work together to see God’s Kingdom come and His will be done in our churches and cities.

Also, in Phase 2, we are inviting a few churches to serve as “pilot-churches” to help us pioneer a new level of partnership between the local church and the world outside the church. In this pilot program we would offer our Catalyst Leaders from Church, Marketplace, Thought Leadership, Evangelism, Prophetic and Family to help mentor your leaders to establish several examples of a church that is thriving internally while impacting the world powerfully.

This is an essential meeting for all of our members so please try to make it! And please forward this invitation to anyone who may be interested in joining us in the future. We will include the Social Media graphics for you to post on your profiles.

Register now and join us!